Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fictional Feels

So, I've been reading all sorts of stories recently, basically because I don't have any time or transportation to go anywhere besides the library.  Just thought I'd share some of the highlights.
spoilers abound

Dresden Files, Small Favors

Micheal asking Harry about the blasting rod.  To put this in context, Harry's a wizard- for-hire, a cross between Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor, the guy everyone calls for help when weird stuff goes down.  Micheal, on the other hand, is a Knight of the Cross, married with several kids, who goes around slaying monsters with Excalibur. He's also one of the few friends Harry has. At this point, Harry's struggling the shadow of a fallen angel, fighting against the originals of the Billy Goats Gruff, and other various sources.
Harry, where is your blasting rod?
Someone had been messing with his head. When Micheal prays for him, the memory block is lifted. It's just amazing how much Harry respects Micheal, how powerful Micheal is.  Micheal is one of the few people who helps Harry more than the other way around. And Micheal trusts Harry, not foolishly, but out of character, which is more than Harry often grants himself.

The ending of Cubs of Toyland (Fables)

And every bit tasted like dust and ashes in her mouth. 
It's one of those horrible plot twists, a place of  toys and wonders that ends up being a nightmare. And the consequences. There's no getting out of it. The pacing and know the survivor is going to live with the guilt for a long, long time.  Not just her guilt, but the impact on her family...oh, man...

The Map Across Time by C.S. Lakin

 In contrast to many fairy tales and their emphasis on romantic relationships, this story focuses on the bond between a brother and sister. It's also delicious timey-whimey and multiple-choice timeline full.

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