Monday, December 17, 2012

Broken Hearts

“Heartbreak is a burden to us all; pity the man with two.”
---Madame Vastra
So, I really don't care for the lesbian relationship between Vastra and Jenny, but the former has some wonderful quotes regarding the Doctor--first her zinger about Time Lords as weapons in A Good Man Goes to War, and then this one.
These prequels are just making it so much worse. Even his top hat is sad, and how he's turning everyone away, so determined to wallow in his misery...oh, my poor, sad Doctor. Where is River? Are you deliberately avoiding her? She didn't blame you,  she just told you not to be alone. This is even worse than Rose--at least with Rose he found someone else (bit of a rebound romance, but he kept adventuring at least).  I'd even rather have you travel with Jack....

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