Sunday, December 16, 2012

"I'll Never See My Baby Again"

This all started when I decided I  needed a new set of tags on Tumblr. I already had otp and  bff tags, but I decided to create one for fictional families.  So far, the only sets I've created are ft(family ties) Ponds and ft:  Charmings. And it made me start thinking about other similarities between them.  As a quick reminder, the Ponds consist of Amy, Rory, Melody/River, plus Brian when he appears and the Doctor as son-in-law. The Charmings (from Once Upon a Time) are Snow, Charming/David, Emma, and Henry.

This video is one of my favorites for the Ponds--the video clips and audio match so beautifully, demonstrating what Amy must have been thinking after Berlin, trying to understand how her daughter could have become River. But in its own way, it could apply to Snow and Emma as well--yes, Snow sent Emma away to protect her, but both Emma and River spent their childhoods alone, brought up in foster care systems. And while River know who her parents were, she couldn't tell them the truth until Demons Run.

There's also character similarities. Amy and Snow are both action girls, with vibrant personalities and lonely upbringings--Amy's parents were eaten by a crack in space and time, while Snow's stepmother Regina hated her for telling Cora about Daniel. Charming and Rory both started out as ordinary guys--Charming a shepherd, Rory a nurse-- who took some serious levels in badassary.  More than that, they are absolutely devoted to their wives. Just compare these quotes:

You will always find me and I will always find you.--David, "Into the Deep."
She can always hear me, Doctor. Always. Wherever she is and she always knows that I am coming for her, do you understand me? Always.--Rory, "Day of the Moon"
And the response from the other end?

"You did it."
"Did you ever doubt I would?"
---David and Snow after she wakes him from his sleeping curse, "Queen of Hearts"
"There's a man who's never going to let us down. And not even an army can get in the way....wherever they take you, Melody, however scared you are, I promise you, you will never be alone. Because this man is your father." --Amy to Melody,  "A Good Man Goes to War"
Even when they can't remember--Snow after the potion,  David in Storybook,  Rory in the 5:13 timeline--they are still dedicated to each other. Oh, it's just glorious to see how they care for and protect each other. And then there's their daughters.  River and Emma, both in their own ways, save their parents before the family relationship is known. For River, that involves Weeping Angels; Emma has to break a curse that she doesn't believe exists. The adventures don't end there, either.

Each group has an odd one out--the Doctor for the Ponds, Henry for the Charmings. But strangely, they play similar rolls. Both Henry and the Doctor are the ones who spark the call to adventure , appearing out of the blue and inviting the person into a new world. And both are members of the family, with a childlike sense of wonder and excitement. Now if only Emma could meet someone as wonderful as the Doctor, someone who would treasure her for who she really is...

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