Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wizards vs Aliens: The Last Day

Well, the season finale is over, so it's time for some summery and overall opinions. As for the episode itself, I was really excited by the first half. We finally learn what happened to Tom's mother--disappeared while doing wizardly stuff several years ago. Which makes it very surprising when she shows up randomly one day.

Turns out, she was captured by the Necross and cloned multiple times. The Necross have been feeding off the  magic of the clones.  Stuff happens and they all manage to shut down the cloning factories, but the clones have a short life, and the one Tom found dies.

There were some serious logical fallacies in this episode. If the Necross have had these clones for a few years, why did they suddenly decide to invade Earth? Surely they've been able to sustain themselves without raising human suspicions, so why take the risk now? Also, mightn't the template break down after making multiple copies? I'm also surprised we haven't seen any more of Mark, the wizard boy the Necross aged in the first episode. One of the other episodes--I think last week's--showed a Japanese wizard drained and killed, but I'd like to know more about Mark, and not just because he's played by Brian Miller.

With a full season past, I'd like to summarize my thoughts on Wizards vs Aliens. It started out at a disadvantage, needing to establish a complete world from scratch. It seemed to cycle through several moods, trying to decide what kinds of stories the writers wanted to tell. The special effects were pretty good, as were the Necross costumes. But the characters didn't have much of a chance to develop their own personalities--at least, not the human characters. Lexi and her brother were decent, even if the male Necross were rather stock characters. Ursula shows some depth in "Friend or Foe," and Benny is quite amusing, but Tom and his dad need to be seen in more settings so we can understand them better. I'll keep my eyes open for season two next fall--the season two premiere will be a re-purposed SJA script--but it has a way to go before it reaches the quality of Sarah Jane Adventures.

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