Sunday, December 2, 2012

Once Upon a Time: Queen of Hearts

Okay, I wasn't planning to write a review of this episode, but A. It's the midseason finale, and B. I checked the Tumblr tag and YIKES! I've never been so ashamed of one of my fandoms, not even when Doctor-shipping wars turn into a full-scale invasion with multiple armadas. The whole #Once Upon a Time tag on Tumblr (likely on Twitter too, but I'm not on Twitter) is full of Henry bashing, mixed with general bashing of the Charming family.

Here begin the spoilers:

So, Captain Hook locks everybody in Rumplestiltskin's old cell and runs back to Cora. Through flashbacks, we learn that he's been playing both sides of the game with Cora and Regina for a very long time, and it looks like Hook and Cora will get through the portal first. Rumplestiltskin, banking on that assumption, tries to convince Regina to close the portal to keep Henry safe from Cora.  Anyway, Henry follows her to the wishing well, which is sparkling with green light in a seriously creepy way.

Henry manages to convince his mom to end her spell, and Emma and Snow manage to get through the portal, leaving Cora and Hook in the other world.  Aurora and Mulan, on the other hand, are planning to find and rescue Philip from wherever the wraith took him. (And as a side note, I can see that Hook is hot--my roommate fancies him---but he ripped Aurora's heart from her chest and made very thinly veiled threats of rape to Emma during the swordfight. Sorry, I can't ship you with anyone now)

So, Snow rushes back to Gold's shop, kisses Charming, he wakes up--phew! Happy feels!
You found me.
 Did you ever doubt I would?
No. Though the burning red room did give me pause... 
My Snowing! So cute together, they really are. And in case you forgot, they had less than a week together after the curse before Emma and Snow ended up back in Fairy-Tale Land. So really, they have over 28 years to catch up. Ruby invites the Charmings over to the dinner to catch up on things. Henry, Emma, Snow, and Charming head off.
Regina isn't invited.
And this fact has the OUAT tags up in flames. Henry has been called all sorts of names and insulted; the other Charmings are getting some of it too, but mostly Henry, because Regina's his mother. And it makes me sick to see all this hate directed at a ten-year-old boy. My brother is about that age--maybe it sparked some protective, big-sister instinct, but seriously, he's a little kid! Even if Emma and Regina were just ordinary women, there's be some emotional pulling either way.  Secondly, she's the EVIL QUEEN. She's tried to kill his family several times over--Henry ended up in a coma to stop Emma from eating the turnover herself--and wouldn't it put a damper on the happy family reunion to have your would-be murderer sitting in the corner?
And Emma did try to thank Regina, in an awkward way--"Piece of work, your mom." It's a causal, smoothing-over comment. Just....come on, people. THINK!

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