Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Church Thought

During the sermon today, the pastor mentioned how we tend to focus on the characters of a story--David was brave, Abraham was trusting--to the exclusion of the main point, which is Christ. While I can see where he was coming from, I respectfully disagree. What he referred to is oversimplification, not a matter of characters.
In fact, I think we tend to ignore the characters in favor of the lessons we are trying to learn. But they were real people, just like we are. James and John had tempers and nicknames to match, Joseph was an annoying little brother, and the man born blind had parents who were shocked when he could see. If we could see them as real people, it just makes the Bible even more amazing.
Yes, it's the greatest of books, but it is also a book. A story.

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  1. I appreciate this observation. While Bible videos can be pretty ridiculous, I find that many times I come away from them with a new understanding of the humanity of the Scriptures. It's too easy to distance ourselves from the people who made up this history and view them only as shadows and straw men.