Friday, September 21, 2012

Bullet Time

The Doctor.
It was a name Sarah hadn't heard in a long time, but never forgot. His shadow remained on her no matter what. Wherever she went, sooner or later she would meet someone who knew him, or had met him, or had heard of him and wanted to know what he was really like.
Images rose unbidden in her mind. Other places and other times; creatures of wonder, creatures of horror. Freedom and terror. Half-remembered joys, and half-forgotten nightmares; the gaps filled by appropriate obfuscation and illusion, all hung on just enough truth to be the past of a life.
--Bullet Time

The other night, one of my Tumblr followers posted a link to the Eighth Doctor Adventure Novels.  By  going up a level, I found more novels, including Bullet Time, featuring Sarah Jane Smith and the Seventh Doctor.  I'd seen enough references to it in fanfiction that I knew the final plot twist, but most of it was a surprise to me. Set shortly before the British turnover of Hong Kong to China (1997), Sarah Jane's investigation o f a business sets her up with some dangerous enemies, including a man known as Pendragon...

SPOILERS: Seven is not my favorite Doctor, but his actions in this novel shove him way down the list. While serving as a drug lord, he accidentally sets Sarah up to be raped--but manages to fight off her invaders--discredits her journalist career, and puts her in a position where she is shot.  If this is how he protects his friends, I'd rather be an enemy, thank you. To be fair, Seven is pragmatic to other companions as well, especially Ace in "Curse of Fenric," but this just seems too fair out of character for him. 

With the EU, I have varying degrees of what I consider canon; this one is going under the happened-once-but-Time-War-erased-it. Especially since there's a strong implication that Sarah died.

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