Friday, September 14, 2012

The Ghosts of India

In this novel, the Doctor and Donna end up in India during the end of the colonial period and investigate a mysterious plague. One clue may be found in a nearby temple where the Hindu goddess Shiva has been seen.
While this is not one of the best novels, it is still an enjoyable read. Donna's personality clashes brilliantly with the mores of colonial India, and the introduction of Gandhi as a character is an inspired touch, leading to a great resolution to the story. Some of his conversations with the Doctor are intriguing, touching because of the Doctor's background.
Three of five stars


  1. Okay... I hated this book. ESPECIALLY the resolution. [spoiler] He broke the machine by being the one in a bajillion man without darkness?! How does that fit into the world of Doctor Who at all? How does that fit into MY world at all?? [/end spoiler]

    1. Yeah, I kind of thought that was a cop-out too,