Saturday, September 1, 2012

Asylum of the Daleks response...with spoilers

So, for my faithful friends who have not yet seen Asylum of the Daleks, you might want to skip this post, because I will attempt to record my feels without flailing, in a dignified manner.
First of all, I got to watch this one LEGALLY! My roommate has BBCA at her house, so eight or so of us went over and had supper there and played a round of Apples to Apples before the episode. Then we went downstairs and watched the end of the BBCA marathon (Doctor, Widow, Wardrobe). Incidentally, they cut out the whole "awkward bit" at the end and went straight to Amy/Doctor hugs, as well as cutting that lovely line about why the Doctor can't fly them home.
But then Asylum of the Daleks...and first of all...Skaro. Wow. So it wasn't time-locked after all, further proof that the Doctor wasn't aiming for the Daleks at all. The woman was referring to the Doctor as a legend, tying back to the end of season six. But when the eyestalk came out of her forehead, I was like Drats! Terrifying Daleks.
Then Amy and Rory--no, I couldn't believe that their marriage was that bad. Pond Life was terrible, but I still was shocked at the divorce papers. But then, *posh* back with the Doctor. And shoved into an Asylum of insane Daleks. But that line about "Daleks have an idea of beauty; maybe that is why we have never destroyed you--" makes so much sense. Because without the Doctor to hate, the Daleks diminished...which comes into play at the end of the episode. The conversion of dead humans was pretty creepy too, as was the possibility of Amy becoming a Dalek.
Oswin was clever, a bit too flirtly for the situation in my mind, but I really thought she was funny, especially with the souffle. I have already seen her tagged as "Souffle Girl" on Tumblr, so she obviously was a hit. Clever, clever Moffat, to tell us we wouldn't see Jenna-Louise Coleman until Christmas; if he hadn't told us a date, we'd be looking everywhere; instead, we're surprised. And then...Amy's revelation. Oh, sweet sonic screwdriver, poor Amy. First you get Rory trying to be heroic and brave and then she tells him that. Oh. Amy. Demon's Run just got even worse for me. I suspected they weren't gonna have another child because of what happened to River; I never dreamed that they can't. I'm gonna write a fic for that. And then work on my one where they adopt Sky Smith after Sarah Jane dies. Then when I went on TV tropes, I learned that she signed the divorce papers Amy Williams. Oh, Amy.
As for Oswin. I never even imagined...oh, Oswin. And what does this mean about Clara? Because is this Clara Oswin or a relative of Clara Oswin or...MOFFAT! MOFFAT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO US?

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