Thursday, October 13, 2011

Companion or Not? Four Simple Steps

I was reading a post on Kasterborous site about the difficulties of distinguishing returning characters from companions of the Doctor. But I wasn't quite pleased with their test, so I decided to come up with my own?

A. Does the character travel through space and time with the Doctor?*
2 points
B. Was the character invited into the TARDIS?
By the Doctor? 2 points
By the Doctor's associates/invites self? 1 point
Did he/she die before the end of the episode in which he or she was invited? -1 point
C. How many seasons does the character appear in (specials go with following season)?
Episodes in per season( Adjust proportionally for Classic Who)
.5 if four or less
1 if five to eight
1.5 if eight or more
D. Bonus points:
1 point for each addition incarnation of the Doctor worked with.
1 point for each regeneration witnessed (even an aborted one)

Score of 4 or higher equals companion. Subject to reworking later.

Sample Calcuations:
Rose Tyler: A2 B2 C3.5 D3 Total:10.5
Mickey Smith: A2 B1 C2 D2 Total:7
Jenny (Doctor's cloned daughter)
Astrid A0 B1 C.5 D0 Total:1.5
Adelaide Brookes: A0 B0 C.5 D0 Total .5
Wilfred Mott A0 B2?)C2 D0 Total: 4
Amelia Pond A2 B2 C3 D1 Total: 8
Sarah Jane Smith: A2 B1 C6 D5 Total:14

Travel: Round trip
Space:outside Earth
Time: At least one week

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