Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Final Adventure of Sarah Jane

Tomorrow, the first half of the final Sarah Jane Adventures story airs. I have actually been able to enjoy this series without thinking about it much, but that changed when I found the episode preview (warning: Grab a tissue first so your keyboard doesn't get sticky from blubbing.)

It was listed under "Tearjerker" at TV Tropes--no kidding! I have a feeling the trailer makers deliberately edited it to reinforce the fact it's the last episode. I'm planning to wait to watch it till I'm alone and somewhere with fast Internet so it won't be interrupted by loading clips.

Teasers I found:
What a clumsy clot you are, Miss Smith!’
‘When it comes to men, I prefer something I can grab hold of.’
‘I suppose we’re... sort of... brother and sister.’
‘I had to leave K-9 back at uni.’
‘How will you feel tonight when everyone’s walking down Bannerman Road, with their arms out, saying, “Serve the computer”?’
‘Believe me: if he says they’re fine, they’re fine.’
‘Sarah Jane, let me drink you in.’
‘You were already old-fashioned when I was new-fangled.’
‘Oi, Mr Smith – don’t be nasty.’
‘I’m delicate... in a very manly way.’

--But part of me is seriously concerned about the possibility of a main character death in this episode--maybe even Sarah Jane. Logically, though, I don't think they would have brought Sky in if they intended this to be the last season....but emotionally, I think this is going to be a wringer of an episode, no matter what happens.

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