Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SJA: Sky

It's hard to watch the newest episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures without remembering Elisabeth Sladen's death, but the season premier "Sky" provides plenty of delightful moments to entertian viewers. The title character is a baby dropped off on Sarah Jane's doorstop in the middle of the night. The resulting scenes are thankfully hilarious (I couldn't take another series opener that, say kills the Doctor in the first ten minutes!), as Sarah fumbles with an alien baby named Sky whose screams shatter lightbulbs. And you thought it's hard to keep a normal baby quiet! Surprsingly, Clyde is good with babies--much to his own chagrin, as he is left with the baby while Rani and Sarah Jane go off to investigate.

It turns out that Miss Meyers, the villianess of the week, has taken a page from Madame Kovarian's book--Sky is a weapon designed to destroy the Metalkind--but takes it one step further by making her a literal bomb. The first part of Miss Meyer's plan creates the part one cliffhanger, as Sky transforms into a twelve-year-old girl.
The second half of the story focuses on disabling Sky as a weapon. While the concept of a child weapon is rather dark for the show, Sky's naive keeps the episode from becoming too heavy. She (deliberately, I think) reminds viewers of Luke's early days, trying to figure out words like "dangerous" and "weapon." Not to mention her zinger of a question when Clyde and Rani are watching her outside the nuclear power station: "Do you always do what Sarah Jane tells you?" I'm looking forward to seeing more of her, especially in "The Man Who Wasn't there" with Luke.
I was also surprised to see the Captain and Shopkeeper reappear. I noticed them in the opening credits, but I thought they had just reused season four clips. I hope that we learn more about them in the remaing episodes.

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