Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Man Who Never Was....and the Heroine I'll Always Remember

If you want a "real" review, go here and here. I don't want to this time. So this is just going to be a collection of thoughts.

I've been waiting since the trailers to see how Luke does as a big brother--full marks to him. I mean, I find it hard to appreciate the siblings I've aquired in the "traditional" sense--and while they don't hit it off right away, they pull together when it matters.

Clyde and Rani: offical couple. "Clani" has been apparent to me from season two or so, but I'm not a gung-ho shipper much. It shows that they've been growing up, and I would definately love to see how that goes in a few years--SJA tie-in novels, anyone?

The Light Sculpturers: So that was what that spoiler was about? So cool and different. But the real-world implications...youch. The stories this season are all very serious, very grown-up topics, but well done. Child soldiers in Sky, homelessness in "Curse" and slavery in "Man."

And Sarah Jane recruiting for UNIT...that was good. She still trusts them, just not completely. I can almost see her telling the Doctor "send some of your old companions to UNIT--they need some conversationalists"

After four years of her being "the journalist who never writes stories," we actually get to see Sarah Jane doing something normal and journalist-y. And obviously, she is very good with it! Just how she keeps throwing out these little zingers, to see if he reacts, and coming up with something else.

In addition, I liked seeing her editor. I can't remember if he was at her wedding or not...if not, that explains why.

I also love the ending montage...I didn't want a funeral scene...but that worked so well...still made me choke up, but not as much as a funeral.

The villan of this story just happened to be like Steve Jobs--not that I'm an Apple fan, but that was another unfortunite coincidence.

Now, what we need is a good lot of fanfiction about the Bannerman Road gang

--"Don't forget me." Sarah Jane, The Hand of Fear

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