Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fanfiction Spotlight: TheDoctorAndSarah

So, Sarah Jane Adventures is concluded, no more Doctor Who till Christmas, and Torchwood ended months ago. What's the bored Whovian to do?
Read fanfiction!
--Yes, there is good Doctor Who fanfiction, and I'm going to promote some of it here. Possibily more than once, but I'm lothe to start anything new near the end of October.

Today's Featured Author: TheDoctorAndSarah
A husband and wife team, they write AMAZING Sarah/Doctor stories. Their current work in progress, "Be Careful What You Wish For" is a sequel to their story "The Long Road Home." Both focus on Sarah Jane meeting an amnesaic man shortly after she is dropped off by the Fourth Doctor.
They also have a few AU collections where Sarah Jane becomes a Time Lady.

Recommended because:
They write SO WELL!Even the AU's are thought-out and planned. They even take ideas I'd normally hate--such Sarah Jane having romantic feelings for the Doctor--and make me enjoy it. Same goes for minor characters--Lavina gets some good character development in "Be Careful..." And they're very good about replying to reviews.
Recommended for: Sarah Jane fans, anyone who can handle well-written AUs without being bent out of shape.

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  1. Yay fanfiction! As someone with over 250 favorites in many different fandoms, I know the way a good fanfic makes you light up inside. Unfortunately, I'm not one for the Doctor/Sarah ship...

  2. Well, generally I'm not either, but I make an exception in this case...come to think of it, I should post my fanfiction turn-offs. If it's really well-written, I'll read it even if I don't agree.